Friday, December 12, 2014


It's good to be flexible and understanding as parents. Micah's procedure got bumped to Tuesday because the hospital is at capacity.  The CICU is full of patients and our Doctor didn't want to run the risk of Micah needing a bed but unable to obtain one.

It's nice to be the parents of a baby who is not in critical condition. More will come on Tuesday, until then, we're happy to have a weekend free of plans. 

Micah's Third Cardiac Catheterization

Micah has an outpatient cardiac catheterization this morning at Children's hospital in DC. We're waiting for the nurses to come in. Send prayers our way. 

Micah's pulmonary arteries that connect to his conduit need to be expanded. The doctor will balloon the narrowings related to both by scar tissue and the difficult nature of his open heart surgery. Micah has been awesome since his last catheterization (July) and we're confident that he will recover quickly. 

Update: Micah's catheterization was, eventually, rescheduled to Jan 22.