About Us

Laura and I met our sophomore year at Virginia Tech in 2006.

We started dating in October of 2006.

Laura converted to Catholicism in March of 2008.

I asked Laura to marry me in October of 2009 at the Longwood Gardens outside Philadelphia, PA. She said yes.

We married on October 16, 2010.

Dylan Joseph was born on 11/08/2012.

Micah was born on 5/31/2014.

Micah was baptized and confirmed on June 6th by Fr. Pollard.

Open heart surgery when he was 12 days old, on June 11th.

Lots of moments like this.

First real family photo (if you don't count face time screenshots).

Micah at the Heart and Kidney Unit (also known as the HKU or step-down unit).  He loves his animal friends - with him the whole way.

109th day at the hospital, last photo before being sent home.

Photos at home