Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 months old

So yesterday I braved the grocery store with my two year old and 10 month old. I was pretty nervous about the whole experience but we really needed groceries for the week and I hate going in the evenings because it cuts into my time with Ray.  Incredibly, both boys did amazing!! I had Micah in the sling - he's finally strong enough to tolerate supporting himself for an hour - and I let Dylan walk beside me. He served as my helper by throwing food (not so gently) into the cart.

Dylan's only moment of weakness was at the very end of our shopping. We had already picked out cookies from the bakery when an array of brightly colored cupcakes caught his eye. He stood innocently next to the cupcakes refusing to budge an inch. After much coaxing and a promise of a cookie in the car, we went to the check out.

As we were checking out, the cashier cooed at Micah and asked, "What a big baby!! What is he, 4-5 months old?" In any other scenario I might not mind the question but with Micah, when people ask how old he is and I tell them, they look confused and concerned about his size. So then to address their concerned look, I usually feel compelled to explain that he had a rough start with a 3.5 month hospital stay. This just concerns them more. So to avoid the whole concerned look, I said "Yes! He's 4-5 months old."

Am I horrible? I just hate explaining his situation to perfect strangers and I can't bare their looks of concern... So I lie. 

Here is a picture of my perfect-sized 10 month old. He's SO happy! I just love his little personality!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

9 months

Family life has been most excellent since Micah's been home. I don't even know where to begin because it's been FOREVER since I've blogged, so I'll start with today!

Dylan has become such a WONDERFUL big brother. Today when Micah woke up from his nap, I told Dylan, "Go get Micah!" Dylan ran upstairs and crawled into Micah's bed. I could see them on the baby monitor and Dylan was stroking Micah's cheek and talking to him. Then Micah started cracking up, doing his cute baby giggle, watching Dylan just talk. It was such a precious moment!

It was so hard to envision moments like this when we were in the hospital. My babies are so sweet together!

Here's a pic from a few weeks ago.

Micah has been doing awesome. In fact, tonight he was really rolling around and doing his baby sit ups. He wants to be mobile so bad! His rolling around is such a huge deal because he just started rolling over from front to back about two weeks ago. I think he'll be sitting by himself in about a month. What a big boy!! Here is his 9 month photo.

He's getting so chunky! We went to his 9 month check up today and he's actually on the curve! Yes, he's in the 1st and 2nd percentile but still! He is really thriving at home.

Ah, life is seriously so good right now. 

Also, I guess now is a good time announce that I put in my resignation at work. I'm going to stay home with my boys!! I'm so excited about this for so many reasons but most of all because it's something I've always wanted to try. I admit that I'm slightly terrified but I feel like it will be so rewarding.