Monday, May 16, 2016

Across the Country

So sorry for not having posted for about a month!! I made a short announcement on Facebook a few weeks ago that said:

"Everyone!!!!! Micah is HOME!!!!! He's still on oxygen and we have a crazy med schedule but I am just SO HAPPY that we're all together again!

Also! Dr. Hanley (the surgeon we contacted about a second opinion) has agreed to take on Micah's case!!!! We'll fly out (maybe within the next two months?) for Micah to get a cath and CT. Based on their findings they'll schedule a date for surgery.

I praise God and have a renewed sense of faith and hope. I'll leave you with the last few paragraphs of Dr. Hanley's letter that moved me to tears."

Micah having his third surgery at Stanford is super special because Ray was born at Stanford Hospital!! Everything just feels right about going across the country and I have high hopes :)

We have been so happy to have Micah back. The first week was kinda rough - he wasn't sleeping through the night, he was vomiting quite a bit, and he was fussy all the time. I think he just needed time to adjust to being home.

Fast forward two and a half weeks and he's not vomiting as much, he's actually smiling, laughing and playing, and we're starting to see the old Micah!

The big news is that we got the dates of Micah's procedures at Stanford:

July 6: Pre-op appointment
July 7: CT angiogram
July 11: (7th) cath
July 13: (3rd) open heart surgery

Stanford will be our home away from home as we plan to take Dylan with us. I'm pretty nervous about not having our huge support system out there with us - you all have been so wonderful with bringing us meals, watching Dylan, or just stopping by to hang out.

I pray for a smooth and uneventful surgery and recovery so we can come back to VA as quickly and safely as possible.

Also, the big M will be 2 at the end of the month! Can you believe it?! We've been so blessed to have him in our lives for the past two years. He's shown us his power of resiliency and taught our family that we are all strong in the face of adversity. We love him so much!

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