Monday, February 17, 2014

Daily I Wonder

This past week Dylan was cutting his molars. OUCH! Can you imagine having your teeth grow in for the first time ever?? He's just been a hot mess lately! He'll start crying for no reason, go limp wherever he's standing, fall to the floor, or into the bookshelf, or on a toy, and accidentally injure himself in his apparent misery. Thursday, as he was crying he ran to the front door, stopped inches away from it, and then ran into it (on purpose?). I think he's going crazy with pain, ha. Not to mention he has a cold :(

Being little is tough! Another recent development is his relationship with Luna. Ray and I yell at her when she barks or growls at the front door (condo living... in the past, neighbors have already written us anonymous complaints about her noise) or when she jumps on guests. So, Dylan has started yelling at her when she gets a little excited or starts barking. It's really sweet because Luna just think's she's getting lots of love and attention from Dylan.

And I swear, every day Dylan learns a new word. One of his latest is "Jesus", except for it sounds more like, "JeeJee." SO CUTE! He'll point to the crucifix hanging in our bedroom, or he'll be playing with one of our rosaries repeating "JeeJee, JeeJee."

I went to another follow up appointment today. About two weeks ago the perinatologist said Micah's kidney's were a bit swollen and they'd have to monitor them throughout the pregnancy. Today, his right kidney hadn't changed, but his left kidney measured slightly more swollen. They didn't seem too concerned and said they'd continue to monitor it.

I was also told two weeks ago that I had partial placenta previa. Today, they said everything look fine and it is no longer an issue! YAY!

But... I've been told to "take it easy" because I have another condition that could possibly lead to preterm labor, UGH! I asked exactly what "take it easy" meant and the perinatologist said: no running errands, no household chores, minimize walking and stairs, no picking up your child, picking up or carrying heavy objects, no sex, etc. I can basically go to work (thank goodness) and come home to do nothing. It doesn't sound SO bad... but when you're restricted, thats when you realize how much moving around you actually do.

It makes me upset that my new baby is facing these special challenges and now my body seems to be falling apart. WHAT THE HECK! The last thing I want is to deliver Micah before I'm full term. Just pile it onto my long list of worries that I'm trying to negotiate with God.

God negotiates, right?

So many people have reached out to Ray and I since we told everyone about Micah. I'm so thankful for our huge support system. It's especially comforting to have strangers (referred through mutual friends) and friends I haven't spoken to in years reach out to me to share their personal experiences with similar situations. It lets me know that everyone has their own struggles and although they might still be experiencing grief, uncertainty, disappointments, anxiety, etc. they've made it this far. It gives me comfort and assurance that God will give Ray, Dylan, Micah and me the strength we need to pull through this. So, thank you everyone for your kind, thoughtful and loving words. You have no idea how encouraging they are to us. We love you all!!