Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Second Opinion

Immediately following Micah's cath, Dr. Berger - who specializes in pulmonary hypertension - started Micah on Bosentan. About three days later they started him on Sildenafil. Since starting these drugs (and being extubated) Micah has been making great improvements. He is finally acting more like himself and he's actually becoming friendly with his nurses and doctors!! He is just so brave and strong (and cute too!).

Yesterday evening Micah's doctors discussed his case at surgical conference. They reviewed his entire medical history and discussed possible options to fix his discontinuous LPA. Unfortunately, they decided there is no intervention they can do to correct it.

We are very saddened but aren't giving up yet! Micah's team is now putting together a file to send to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford in California for a second opinion. There is another surgeon there, Dr. Hanley, who specializes in Micah's heart condition. We pray and hope that his team will find a way to help Micah. Until we hear back, we can focus on healing Micah enough to let him come home.

Right now it seems the only thing keeping Micah in the hospital is his respiratory support. He is on high flow nasal cannula. Weaning his high flow has been complicated by the fact that Micah's diaphragm is not moving in sync with his lungs. The right side of his diaphragm is in the way of his right lung when he inhales. As a last resort, his doctors would consider sending him to surgery to move his diaphragm out of the way. Please pray that he doesn't have to endure yet another surgery.

Here are a few pics for cuteness!!

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