Monday, August 18, 2014


I am so thrilled about today! Micah was extubated around 11:00am and he's done such a fabulous job all day! I pray he keeps it up. Here are a bunch of pictures :)

Micah immediately after being extubated.

Family photo, missing Little D though!

Napping in my arms. SO SWEET!

Bath time!!!! My first time helping wash Micah with actual baby soap!!

Fauxhawk during bath time :)

Fell asleep during tummy time after his bath.

It's so incredible to see him do normal baby things, like sneezing, hearing his (scratchy) voice cry, getting a bath, and sucking his pacifier!! YES! He is sucking his pacifier! I'm totally amazed at today's events. He's breathing like a champ and sucking like a champ. 

Good job, Micah. We're really proud of you!