Thursday, August 28, 2014

From CICU to HKU!!!

I am on cloud nine right now! Micah has left the CICU and is in the step down unit where he will hopefully learn how to drink from a bottle, be weaned off his nasal cannula and I will learn how to care for him when we go home... Home!!

HOME!!! I try not to get too excited but it's just within reach!

Last day in our CICU room!

New room in the HKU (step down unit)

With a view of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception off in the distance!

Micah is so amazing and I truly thank everyone for their constant prayers to our Heavenly Father. Micah is my miracle baby. He survived several bouts of dangerously low sats, open heart surgery, CPR, and ECMO. I know he has several more battles to fight, but I've learned that I must rejoice in the present and give my worries about the future to God.

I wasn't sure if we'd need help with medical expenses but we're starting to receive medical bills from Micah's labs and his many specialists during his 13+ weeks in the hospital. I am so appreciative of your continued prayers but if you would also like to donate, my beautiful friend Brandy set up a site for donations:

Thank you again everyone for letting me and Ray continue to share Micah's journey with you. The support our family has received amazes me everyday.