Monday, September 8, 2014

100 Days

Today is Micah's 100th day at Children's. I'm so happy about his progress... but I'm so exhausted.

Micah's feeds via bottle haven't been progressing rapidly enough. Last week Dr. Jonas stopped by and recommended Micah get a g-tube to deliver feeds so we could go home sooner. A g-tube is basically a tube that allows him to receive feeds directly into his stomach through his abdomen. I was so happy to hear that we could go home to work on feeds if we got a g-tube! 

But then Micah started throwing up over the weekend and no one knows why! We thought it was his inability to tolerate a high volume in a short amount of time, so they increased the time, decreased the volume and he still threw up. We thought it was withdraw from his meds, but then decided that wasn't it bc he wasn't exhibiting any other withdraw symptoms. Then I thought it was because they increased the calories per ounce (with a supplement), but the nurses don't seem to agree. Someone suggested it could be a stomac bug. So now we're back to the volume of feeds. He's at the lowest volume per hour but he threw up again! I don't know what is going on with him.

Also, Jonas said Micah would have to come back for another cath in November. I hope we get to go home before then.

Despite him throwing up (I'm convinced it's the additional calories they added on Friday), Micah seems stable enough that I feel like I could take better care of him at home than the nurses can at the hospital. I feel exhausted being at the hospital all the time. I miss my husband. I miss Dylan. I'm stressed about the prospect of returning to work. I just want the four of us to be under one roof. I don't know, it's just one of those days...

All bundled and finally asleep after a rough day of throwing up.

Cool little dude. He's such a trooper to only have one parent around at a time.

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