Friday, July 8, 2016

CT Scan and Hematology Appointments

Sorry for the delayed update! I meant to write this last night but I was just too exhausted.

Yesterday morning Micah had his CT scan. We arrived to LCPH around 6:30a and had to wait around a while.

Micah was taken back around 7:45a. Not knowing Micah and how he reacts to anesthesia, the anesthesiologist expressed concern that his pulmonary hypertension might cause problems and land him in the ICU. Strangely enough, I didn't share her worries. I just knew Micah would do fabulous during the procedure, and...

He did!!

The whole thing lasted only 45 minutes and when they told us we could see him he was wide awake, thrashing about, and aggressively signing for water. Good thing I remembered his cup! He calmed down right away and cuddled with his blanket. They let us leave about 20 minutes later.

Today Micah met with hematology to go over when to wean his blood thinners. They want us to get labs drawn on Saturday too. I hate labs. Ugh. Micah has tiny little veins and some phlebotomists get him the first time... And some dig around under the skin >.< It drives me crazy!

Thank goodness we had something to look forward to after the hematology appointment. We got to visit Ray at Google!! I think it's totally AWESOME that LCPH is so close to Mountain View. Ray still plans to take off a few weeks of work but if Micah's stay turns into months then he can return to work while still being close by. Did I mention I LOVE GOOGLE?! Here's a family photo at the Googleplex.

Anyways, thanks for checking in and thank you all SO MUCH for prayers, donations (wow!), and support. Also, don't forget to stop by Alexandra's lemonade stand if you live in the Fairfax area 😊 It's tomorrow, Saturday, July 9 from 11a-2p on the corner of Burr Oak Way and Oak Leather Drive in Burke, VA. Big thank you to the Rossiters!!