Wednesday, July 6, 2016

LPCH Pre-op

Yesterday we made it safely to Stanford!!! The boys were SO GOOD on the 5.5 hour plane ride. I was seriously impressed.

Today was Micah's first appointment at LPCH. Everything went relatively smoothly! We checked in with the heart center and first on the list was Micah's echocardiogram. He HATED it - probably the combination of not having had a nap yet and the three hour time difference. We tried to soothe him with a lollipop, the Minions movie and singing an extended (and odd) version of the Wheels on the Bus.

Those distractions would only work for a small bit before he'd start to get really upset again. He ended up getting so upset that he fell asleep!! He slept through the EKG and through half of our discussion with his nurse practitioners. Poor guy! Dylan was such a good and patient brother through the 4 hour ordeal (he did have an ipad after all).

Also, I've met two other families here whose children have the same heart diagnosis as Micah!! It's so nice to talk to other heart moms and dads who just get it. Here's a pic of me and Lizzy - her daughter Abby was in surgery today for over 10 hours! She's out now and I was told everything went well - Praise God!!

I'm so thankful for LPCH and the RMH for everything they've done for us - and we've only been here for a day!! They've given us a lot of hope and peace of mind. Tomorrow Micah has his CT scan. We'll update everyone again tomorrow evening. Keep praying!!

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