Friday, June 6, 2014

Cardiac Cathetarization

Over the last two days the doctors have been contemplating cardiac catheterization (cath procedure) on Micah. A cath procedure is when the doctors insert a catheter through his arteries to the chambers of his heart. The doctors (I think) can measure oxygen levels of each chamber, identify collateral/pulmonary arteries that can't be seen via sonogram, identify blood pressures, etc. They decided they needed to perform a cath because he isn't "following the books." Typically children with this disease can be weaned off PGE soon after birth and they struggle with above average oxygen saturation. Micah is the opposite. He is still on PGE and his saturation levels are still too low. 

The doctors wonder if the PGE is causing him to have low blood pressure. They also wonder if his ventilator is causing mucus buildup in his lungs. Both can affect sat levels and might explain his current situation. The cath will at least explain the blood flow to the lungs. 

Over the past few days, based on the amount of oxygen adjustments and going on and off the PGE, perhaps we should have realized that the doctors are unclear on why his stats are low. Dr. Donofrio even mentioned that babies with Micah's heart condition often have high oxygen levels (in the mid 90's, not low 70's). It's troubling for us to realize how mysterious his situation is.  It's really difficult to think about how there are a number of procedures/drugs that are keeping him stable, yet it's hard to say exactly why it's working or not working. It's all so

He's scheduled for his cath procedure between 4:30-5:00pm tonight. 

Also, we're having Father Marcus Pollard stop by to baptize Micah before he goes in for his cath. Though we'd prefer to have all of our closest family and friends present for such an occasion, we're so thankful he is taking the time to come to the hospital.

We love you, Micah.