Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Small Set Backs

We had our first set back today.

Micah has been doing really well these last two days. He's been maintaining good oxygen saturation (sat) levels and the doctors even wanted to try weaning him off of his prostaglandin (PGE) again.

He was scheduled for an MRI this afternoon at 4:00p. By the time we transported little Micah, he kept desatting (decreased oxygen saturation). They cancelled the MRI and we took him back to the CICU. He continued to desat and before I knew it there were 11 nurses, doctors, and techs in the room. The ICU doctor told me they wanted to intubate him...

😔😢 and there is our set back.

I feel like the situation escalated so quickly. I didn't foresee this at all when they told us he was scheduled to have an MRI. All I wanted to do while he was desatting was to comfort him. But he was being poked and handled by everyone and his crying only got worse and worse.

Now he's peacefully resting with a large tube up his nose and down his throat. He's still so beautiful with all of his stickers and tubes.

These last four days have been the longest 4 days of my life, I think. I don't know how parents of sick children keep sane. I was starting to feel better about the situation but now I'm back to feeling sick with sadness and worry.

I love you so much, Micah.