Sunday, June 8, 2014

Extubation, Baptism and a Free Dog?

Today seems to be a good day for Micah. Thankfully a very aggressive doctor was on staff last night who was instant upon taking Micah's breathing tube out and starting bottle feeds as soon as possible.

I tried feeding him this morning and he isn't swallowing quite the same as before the tube went in. I think he has a sore throat. Poor little guy.

And the nurses... I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with them. Some nurses are way too hands on. They have to have the room set up a certain way, Micah has to be wrapped and positioned a certain way, they have to take off and reapply stickers and tubes to their liking, etc. the problem is that every time they mess with him, he desats. I had left the room for 30 minutes this morning to have breakfast and when I walked in he was recovering from desatting all the way down to the 20s!!!!?! Ugh. The nurse and respiratory therapist were like, "oh I don't know about feeding him today, not after that." But thankfully, the very aggressive doctor walked in and said, "just get him back up, we all know he desats when he's upset." And if course he came back up and was fine...

Then you have the nurses that are too hands off. Last night's nurse, for example, was no where to be seen even though Micah was her only baby last night. He'd start crying, causing him to desat, and another nurse would come in to check in him. What the heck?!

I feel like if Ray or I weren't constantly here they'd have him on all sorts of machines, tubes, etc. It's so frustrating.

Despite my rant, I'm so thankful for his current status and for the aggressive doctor... whose shift just ended :( ... I guess I'm just scared we'll have more set backs without the right people being around.

We love you, Micah! You're so strong!

- Laura

With everything going as it is, we wanted to get Micah baptized while he was still in the hospital. I figured this would be the case but didn't realize how it would add extra stress. On Friday, we had Fr Pollard battle traffic to baptize and confirm Micah. We barely got it in before the cath lab. Dylan's baptism was such a great day and big family event. Laura and I were there, along with my dad and older sister. I know that the baptism will give Micah extra graces and help ease our minds in any future super stressful situation (like surgery), but Laura and I couldn't help but be sad that it Micah had to have it this way - in a rush, with no mass, few family members and just a little syringe to trickle the water on his head. 


In case you're wondering, we don't have his godparents figured out yet or his confirmation name - we would like him to choose that himself in about 13 years. 

Micah and Dylan got to meet for the first time yesterday. Dylan had a sad look on his face. I'm sure he can understand that his brother is struggling through something. He touched his little toes and tapped his face. 

Dylan will be a great big brother

- Ray

PS: Anyone want a free dog? We're seriously thinking about giving Luna away. It's so difficult to go back and forth to the hospital to be with Micah and also make sure we're spending enough quality time with Dylan. Luna is getting neglected :( and she takes up too much of our time that could be spent with our children. The whole situation is just unfair and heartbreaking.