Friday, July 18, 2014

Progress After 48 Days in the CICU

This past week has been so awesome! Micah has been progressing wonderfully since he had his second cath and was removed from ECMO. 

His stools have been blood-free and his X-rays indicate he doesn't have NEC anymore. His antibiotic treatment ends Sunday which means they plan to reintroduce breast milk via feeding tube on Monday!!

The doctors tried to extubate him on Monday. His heart rate remained stable, blood pressure was stable, O2 sats looked great but his breathing was labored and quick and his CO2 levels were too high. He began to look a little purplish and after about 30 minutes they decided to reintubate him. They determined his heart function is great but his lungs need more time to develop and get stronger (which is why I'm so excited about starting feeds on Monday!). It seems like a set back but I'll take it!

Since then he's been super alert and they've LET US HOLD HIM EVERYDAY!! Sooo good for my soul <3 Also, they've weaned his vent settings, his arterial line (which monitored his blood pressure in an artery in his wrist) was removed, and his milrinone and morphine drips were stopped! They also did another test today where they turned off his vent (without removing the breathing tube) and he passed, which is huge!

I feel like I'm seeing a speck of light at the end of this dark tunnel. I'm afraid to get too excited though. But the thought of finally bringing him home is just too good not to think about.