Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two Months Old!

Micah is 2 months old today!!  I think he can officially be dubbed a Washingtonian.  He weighed in at 8lbs 2oz. Still so little! Here's a picture of the little guy :)

The doctors restarted his feeds last Thursday and today we are up to 5mLs per hour. So proud! 

We had a slight hiccup this morning. He randomly vomited just as his physical therapist was unwrapping his swaddle. The nurse notified the doctor and the doctor said if he does it again then they need to stop the feeds. So of course, he threw up for a second time! They turned off his feeds. It was hard to watch because it's taken us so long to get him up to a measly 5mLs! Also, I didn't see how stopping feeds would prevent him from vomiting again as his vomit was all bile and his feeds are going directly into his intestines.

I brought up my concerns to the nurse and she agreed with me. Then she suspected that he's still withdrawing even though they increased his methadone dose. The doctor said to reassess him after an hour. If he hasn't thrown up then we might be able to restart feeds at 5mL again. It's been 2 hours, he's doing great, and they just restarted his feeds! Woo!

The doctors also said they wouldn't try taking Micah off the vent again until he is at full feeds, 18 mLs per hour. Who knows when that'll be!

Still no timeline for coming home. I've decided Micah likes to take his sweet time. And I've been making friends with other CICU moms - it makes things a bit easier around here. 

Anyways, Dylan and I are feeling much better. Thanks everyone for the continued prayers :)